A Carrier for your Yorkie

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A carrier bag is a necessity for any Yorkie owner. We’ve designed one for Yorkies that’s durable, cute, and airline approved. 

One thing I’ve always loved about having a little dog is that they are easy to carry around. Catherine loves to go with us on trips to see friends and family. And, Catherine is so cute, the friends and family love seeing her, too. Yorkies are genuinely adorable, and they can brighten any room.

When I take Catherine in the car, I always keep her in a carrier, because she loves to run around in the car and I am seriously afraid that she’ll distract me too much. A few months ago, I designed a carrier just for Catherine and we made a few extras for our customers. I designed the print on the bag, and we even made a cute bone-shaped Yorkie Splash and Shine logo for the bag. The bag is seriously cute and I take Catherine in it whenever we take her with us.

I’m most proud of the print on the bag. If you look closely, the print is made of dog bones.


One thing that’s important when choosing a carrier for your Yorkie is making sure that the bag is airline approved. If you want to take your Yorkie with you when you fly, you can carry her in the cabin. But, most airlines have rules about the size and style of the carrier that you can take with you in the cabin. Generally, the carrier has to be soft-sided and your Yorkie should be able to stand up and turn around easily inside the carrier. The carrier should also be able to fit under the seat in front of you.

We wanted to make sure that our carrier was airline approved, so we took the YSS carrier to the Springfield-Branson airport and checked with every airline. Our carrier is approved for any airline, even for smaller commuter flights.

The YSS Carrier Bag is airline approved and super cute. Chloe Polka Dot loves hers, so do the gals from Owned by Yorkies.

Yorkie Carrier BagYorkie Carrier Bag



You can order one of our exclusive YSS carrier bags on our website at http://www.yorkieshampoo.com/yorkie-carrying-bag/ 

We really love these bags and we hope you do, too. When you get yours, send us a pic and we will post it on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and instagram! Check out the links on the right to follow us on social media.

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