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A “Quickie” Review

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Honest Kitchen QuickiesWe are reviewing Quickies, from the Honest Kitchen, and we have some to give away! Read on for your chance to win. 

I must admit, I can be a slacker. I don’t mean to be, but when you have a thousand things to do each day, you have to pick what gets done. My priority list usually includes getting orders out, returning emails and phone calls, ordering bottles and labels, posting to facebook and all the little things that go with running a small business. In the last few weeks, taxes have been on top of the to-do list. I intended to write this post weeks ago, but Uncle Sam needed more of my attention this year. I finally got the taxes all completed yesterday, so now I can breathe for a minute. The Honest Kitchen Valentine Quickees

The wonderful people at The Honest Kitchen sent me some of their “Quickies” to try. They sent me two extra packs to give away to two of our readers. The give-away packs are “Sweetheart Treats” in adorable pink packaging and I had intended to write this review before Valentine’s Day, but, I’m a slacker, remember. Still, any day is a great day to love your Yorkie, so let’s get started. So, according to the Honest Kitchen:

Quickies™ are high-protein, low-carb pure fish treats for dogs, with just 1.1 calorie per treat! Quickies are scrumptious tiny treats, just the right size for training. Each treat is crafted into a tiny, bite-sized heart shape and made with 100% wild and line-caught Icelandic Haddock.

These aromatic and enticing tiny treats are perfect for training because they’re quick to serve and won’t fill up tummies quickly so you can reward often without your pup packing on the pounds. Quickies are packaged in a 2 oz. eco-friendly tube that can fit in your pocket while you’re on the go.

Sounds amazing to me! And the packaging is pretty cool, I love the little tubes.

Honest Kitchen QuickiesAs far as ingredients go, you can’t get  better than this:

Dehydrated haddock

Nothing else, just the haddock. And at only 1.1 calorie per treat, you won’t feel like you are over-rewarding when you are training.

Of course, packaging and ingredients are a great way to objectively review a treat, but what about taste? Will my Yorkie like it? I read the reviews on the Honest Kitchen website and on Amazon; there aren’t many yet, but they are all positive. Good sign.

Honest Kitchen QuickiesSo, I popped open a tube of Quickies and Catherine gave me her cutest head-to-the-side look, curious and patient. I could smell the treats when I opened the tube, and co could Catherine. She got excited. I got out one of these little treats and was immediately impressed. They are the perfect size for Yorkies, and in the shape of a tiny little heart.

I asked Catherine to sit, and when she did, I gave her a treat. She absolutely loves them! These are an amazing training treat! I am super impressed and will definitely be buying some to keep on hand.

I know you want to try some for yourself! Here’s your chance. We have 2 scrumptious Quickies to give away! Register to win with Rafflecopter below and we will select a winner on March 12.

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