Leash Lessons

Yorkies need a lot of exercise, so unless you are fortunate enough to have a big fenced-in back yard, you no doubt take your Yorkie on walks. There are a few things you need to know about leashes before you set out on your adventure.

Yorkie Head Hair DOs and DON’Ts

Yorkies are beautiful dogs with wonderful, flowing hair. Many owners love to show off the beauty of their Yorkie’s hair, all culminating with the style of the hair on the head. There are many ways to fix your Yorkie’s hair, so let’s talk about some of them.

Housetraining Your Yorkie

For most people, the most challenging part of owing a Yorkie is housetraining. For Yorkies, housetraining can be very difficult. Yorkies are very smart and very stubborn. Without consistent training, Yorkies can take an extremely long time to train. I have had many frustrated Yorkie owners ask me for training advice.