Combating Winter Dry Skin

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For Yorkies that spend a lot of time indoors, winter can be a harsh time on their skin. We are going to talk about a simple solution to combating dry skin during the winter months.

As soon as you turn on the heater in your house, the relative humidity of your home starts to decrease. The lowered moisture content in the air can start to dry out your skin, and your Yorkie’s. Even with proper grooming and using the best products for your Yorkie, you still may notice dry skin.

A few days ago I noticed that Catherine had a little bit of flaking of her skin on her underside. Bathing would certainly get rid of the flakes, but I wondered what I could do to prevent continued dry skin this winter. I use a coconut oil and brown sugar scrub on myself in the shower to keep my own skin healthy, so I thought I’d give it a try on Catherine. I started out by mixing some coconut oil and some brown sugar – simple. When I make the scrub for myself, I melt the coconut oil (usually about a cup), then add brown sugar until it is a nice thick paste. For Catherine, I decided to use much less brown sugar.

Next, it was time to try our the coconut oil scrub! I got her in the tub and got her all wet, then proceeded to rub her down with coconut oil, using the brown sugar to gently scrub her tummy. I then combed through her coat and let her sit in the tub for a few minutes with the oil on her coat and skin.

After I let the oil sit on her skin for a few minutes, I rinsed her off under running very warm water. Then I lathered her up with Yorkie Splash shampoo and rinsed her under the running warm water. I dried her and she was still quite oily, but I thought that instead of washing her again, I’d leave her like that for 24 hours then bathe her again and give her skin a little more time to benefit from the coconut oil.

The next day, I gave Catherine another bath with just shampoo and didn’t use conditioner. This time, her hair looked magnificent! She was shiny, as usual, her hair had a lot of body, and best of all – no more dry skin or flakes AT ALL!

After such success, I plan on giving Catherine a coconut oil treatment once a month during the winter months – at least while we are using our central heat daily. Here is a side-by-side comparison of Catherine’s skin before and after her coconut oil treatment.

We would love to hear your thoughts / experiences with coconut oil used topically to treat dry skin for your Yorkie!

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