DoggieLawn Review

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Have you heard of DoggieLawn? It’s a dog grass potty patch, and it’s really cool.

So, what is DoggieLawn? DoggieLawn is a little patch of grass, perfectly designed to be used as your dog’s potty spot. It’s small enough to be used anywhere – your apartment, balcony, or even hotel room. It’s hydroponically grown, so there’s no soil. There’s no mess, little maintenance, and it’s biodegradable. This potty training solution is perfect for extreme weather, older dogs with trouble getting outside, older owners with trouble getting outside, high rise apartments, and traveling.

First the unboxing.

And now, a few closer pics:

We were really excited to get the DoggieLawn. Catherine is very difficult when it comes to potty time. Most Yorkies are. Catherine is always finding ways to escape our back yard – she’s so small, she can fit through almost any little hole. As a result, even though we have a fenced-in back yard, I have to walk her with a harness and leash to go outside to potty. It’s exhausting sometimes. I can only image life in a big city in a high rise apartment, having to go downstairs and outside for every potty time. It’s hard enough for me to find the energy in the evenings to take my gal down off the back porch.

So, we introduced Catherine to the DoggieLawn. At first she wasn’t having any of it. I guess the grass is so nice and lush, it’s nothing like the grass we actually have in the back yard (our yard is pretty pathetic right now – it’s so hot everything is just fried and brown – you can see the extreme contrast in the pics above). So, I picked up some of her poo from the real yard after a potty trip and put it on the DoggieLawn. Catherine started to get the idea. I put the DoggieLawn on the back porch, which is closed off to the yard with a baby gate. I started taking her out to the back porch for potty time and letting her just use the DoggieLawn. It took some encouragement at first, but it didn’t take long and Catherine got the hang of it.

This last week it has been so extremely hot here, that I just brought the lawn inside and let her use it.

I had a couple of guests at my house remark that I was using one of those fake grass systems. They were shocked when I said it was real grass. Everyone had to touch it – I guess they didn’t believe that it was real grass. It looks so amazing, I can see how it could be mistaken for artificial grass. The most interesting part is what’s underneath. There’s no clumpy dirt. It’s an absorbent mass of roots and super fertile soil that makes no mess and sticks together amazingly well – like a spongy carpet.

DoggieLawn comes in two sizes, one for smaller dogs and one for big dogs. The one we got is for smaller dogs and is just the right size for Catherine. DoggieLawn is a subscription service, and costs $29 to get a real grass potty patch once monthly. For $50 you can get one every 2 weeks. There is some care required because it is real grass. You have to keep it out of direct sunlight and spritz it with water occasionally. Also, picking up the poo is a necessity. But, from what I understand the maintenance is much less than the plastic grass potty systems. Urine soaks into the DoggieLawn and there’s no rinsing, no trays to dump, or anything like that. The whole system is super convenient.

If you are looking for a convenient potty training system, I recommend you check out DoggieLawn.

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