Etta Says! Liver Treats Review

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This is the Yorkie Splash and Shine review of Etta Says! Chicken Liver Treats. We are always looking for more treats in the YSS family, so from time to time we want to pass on to you our great finds. Today we are looking at a brand called Etta Says! First, we want to talk a little about the company.
Etta Says! is a Seattle based company that makes treats for small dogs. Etta Says! creates natural, healthy, yet fun pet products. Etta Says! Liver Treats are available in beef, chicken, and lamb flavors and are made of 100% freeze dried liver, containing no additives, fillers, or preservatives. The company started in 2005 after Etta and her human, Sue Willoughby, had a conversation with a pet communicator (true story).  Here’s some about how all that went down from a press release in 2006:

During the conversation with the pet communicator, Etta expressed that she wanted to be on the kitchen counter during meal preparation – as a short, small dog, she could not keep an eye on kitchen activity from her vantage point on the floor. To address Etta’s request, Willoughby provided a tall chair that allows Etta visibility without access to countertops or food. With Etta happily installed in her new perch supervising the kitchen, Willoughby was inspired to start baking healthy, bite sized treats for small dogs after she noted a scarcity of treat options of the appropriate size for small dogs. Seeing a market opportunity, Willoughby and Etta explored treat alternatives that met the desired criteria of natural, healthy and fun. In November 2005, Etta Says! proudly introduced Etta Says! Liver Treats in three flavors.

Quite an interesting tale, though it doesn’t make any difference to me how it all got started – the treats are awesome. The treats are proudly made in the U.S.A. of 100% all natural U.S.A. meats.

So, now on to the review!

We ordered our Etta Says! Chicken Liver Treats on As soon as Catherine saw me with the package, she got into excitement mode.

These treats are freeze dried, and 100% made of chicken liver with no preservatives or anything artificial. So, I absolutely loved them already. Catherine’s review, she love, love, loves them! She would eat the whole bag if I’d let her!

These treats would make an awesome training treat or as a reward for good behavior.

Catherine rates the
Etta Says! Chicken Liver Treats
4 paws up

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