Gracie’s Gourmet – Three Dog Bakery

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gracies-gourmetWe’ve got an exciting new food for you – Gracie’s Gourmet, from Three Dog Bakery!

We’ve reviewed Food from Three Dog Bakery before. We really liked the ingredients, and Catherine really liked it, too. So, we contacted Three Dog Bakery and asked them to send us something new to try. They sent us some Gracie’s Gourmet, wet food.

Gracie’s Gourmet is like feeding your Yorkie off your own plate, without the guilt of actually doing that – this entree is made with chicken, carrots, green beans, and rice.

We have a video of us opening the package and Catherine’s taste test.


Let me just say, we taste-tested a number of foods yesterday and this was by far Catherine’s favorite. And, for me, the package was big enough, she could get 4 days of meals out of it. One pouch is $2.99 on their website, so that’s only 75¢ per day – a pretty great price compared to other wet foods we have tried.

Dog Food Advisor has a great analysis of Three Dog Bakery’s Gracie’s Gourmet, so I won’t delve into the details – you can read the review for more information.

Putting it all together – price, ingredients, nutrition – I think Gracie’s Gourmet is a great addition to your Yorkie’s feeding rotation.

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