DIY Mason Jar Yorkie Organizer

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Yorkie hanging wall organizerI posted not too long ago about having a Yorkie Friendly Home. That got me thinking – I need a better way to organize Catherine’s things. She has stuff randomly strewn about the house, stuffed into drawers and cabinets everywhere – clothes, bows, brushes, combs, nail clippers, treats, hair products… Her toys have a place to “live”, but what about the rest of her stuff? It would make sense to have everything all together in one place. So, I took an idea of something my sister found online and modified it slightly for my needs. I think you’ll find this a pretty cool little organizer.

First off, I have to give credit where credit is due. My sister made something similar and has it in her bathroom to organize the things what would normally be on the counter. I thought it looked really cool, so I endeavored to make one for Catherine. I also made one for my bathroom. Here are my final results, one for Catherine’s things, and one for me. I was already making one, adding a second one wasn’t that much extra work.

yorkie wall hanging organizer wall hanging mason jar organizer

Let’s start with supplies. You will need:

A board – I got a 2 foot piece at Lowe’s

Stain – whatever color you’d like. I got a color called “Weathered Grey”

Mason Jars – whatever size or sizes you’d like

Hose Clamps – any size that will fit around the jars you get

Metallic spray paint – I got a kind that gives off an interesting texture

Cup Hooks

Mending plates

Drill and bits – to make pilot holes – makes life a ton easier

Sawtooth picture hangers



I got everything I needed at Walmart and Lowe’s, and I borrowed a drill and all the accouterments from my dad.

Okay, first thing’s first, I spray painted the cup hooks and hose clamps so they could be drying while I got started on the other stuff. Now, it’s not necessary to do this, but I was going for a certain “look”. First I laid out the hooks on some cardboard and sprayed them with my multi-purpose spray paint. I let them dry for a few minutes then flipped them over and sprayed the other side. I had to move them after they were mostly dry so they wouldn’t stick to the cardboard. I did the same thing with the hose clamps.

cup hooks spray painted cup hooks
hose clamps spray painted hose clamps

While those were drying, I stained the boards. I used an old t-shirt and dipped it in the stain, wiped some on a section and immediately wiped it off. I didn’t want it to look too nice – I was going for a farmhouse chic kind of look. You can do yours however you’d like. The joy of making your own stuff is that you can make it any way you’d like.

wood stain weathered grey wood stain weathered grey

I had to let it all sit and dry for a little bit – which is the hard part for me. I like to do projects that I can just get started on and get finished all at one time. I did finish this in one day, but the waiting was painful.

After the stain dried enough for me to be able to touch the boards, it was time to get the jars on. The simplest way to attach the hose clamps to the board is with mending plates. Some people say you can drill directly into the hose clamps and screw them to the board, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, I decided to go the easy route.

Lay out the jars where you’ll want them to be and get an idea of the spacing of the hose clamps. If you want to get real technical, you can measure and all that. I’m the type of person who just eyeballs it. Once you know where your clamps will be, you can drill pilot holes for your mending plates. Once those are done, screw in the top screw of the mending plate, slide in the hose clamp, then secure the bottom screw.

hose clamps secured to board with mending plates


Next, we need to add our cup hooks. I eyeballed mine, but you can mark off where you are going to put the cup hooks, then drill pilot holes for them and screw them in, easy peasy.

pilot holes for cup hooks

After you do all that, it’s time to attach the sawtooth hangers to the back of your board. My sister hung hers with picture wire. I tried that, but I think the picture wire I got wasn’t strong enough, even though it said it was rated for 20 pounds, it totally broke. I went this route and the organizer is very secure and has been hanging on my wall for 2 weeks now. Simply put a sawtooth hanger on each end of the board right near the top.

sawtooth picture hanger


Now you can add your jars and find a place to hang your awesome creation. I used monkey hooks to hang mine.

mason jar wall organizer


I used a couple of little jelly jars on mine to hold Catherine’s hair bows and hair ties. I’m always losing those little hair ties and when I try to keep them in the bathroom drawer, there are always little hair ties everywhere. This has worked out perfectly. I always know where her things are now.

yorkie bows in mason jar organizerThe hooks are perfect for her harnesses and leashes, coats, hats, and anything else you can think of that will hang.

mason jar yorkie wall organizer mason jar yorkie wall hanger

If you take on this project or think it’s cool, please leave us a comment and don’t forget the pictures!

I think my next project will be some sort of clothing organizer.  If you have ideas, feel free to share.

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