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img_5238This is our review of the Pawalla box for small dogs. Check out Pawalla at

If you haven’t heard of Pawalla, you’re in for a treat. Pawalla is a monthly subscription service, where once a month you will get a box of treats, toys, and cool products delivered right to your door. The box includes different products each month, so this review is only about the products we received, but we believe this review will give you a good evaluation of the types of items in the box as well as it’s overall value. The service is a great way to find out about products and brands you may have missed.

We heard about this great service and asked Pawalla if we could have a box to try and share with our readers. So, let’s take a peek inside the box. Here’s what came in our July Pawalla Mini box.

July 2013 Pawalla Mini Box
July 2013 Pawalla Mini Box

The box included some pretty cool stuff, some we’ve heard of, some we haven’t. I know many of our readers are all about the value, so we will break down the actual value of each item as well. Here’s what was included in the box:


yumZies grain-free treats –

Made by Nootie, these treats are soft and moist, easy to break apart and Catherine liked the Hickory Bacon flavor. These seem like a good all-around treat to have on hand. The bag was 6 ounces, and sells for about $8 on, $7 on Pawalla’s website.


Flying Basset breath spray –

Two sprays to the mouth is supposed to eliminate your pet’s bad breath. Catherine hates sprays, so we knew she wouldn’t really like this one, but it smells fresh and minty and has some good reviews online. It came in a 4 ounce bottle, which is on for $20 and sells for $6.50 on Pawalla’s site.


Wigzi small bone –

This was a new one for me, I typically don’t buy this type of toy, so it was cool to try out. The bones doesn’t smell like rubber at all. It has two treat pockets inside and is great entertainment for your Yorkie. The Wigzi bone is $8 on and just under $7 on Pawalla’s site.


Ice Pups –

From the Honest Kitchen – we have reviewed Ice Pups before. The Pawalla Mini box included one packet of Ice Pups, enough to make 8 ounces. The cost of a box on is $14 with includes 16 packets – so about $0.88 per packet. Pawalla sells a box for $11.20, or about $0.70 per packet.


Etta Says! Crunchy Duck Chew –

We love Etta Says! We’ve reviewed their liver treats previously, and you can read that here: Etta Says! Liver Treats Review. We love Etta Says! and Catherine loves the duck chew. It was her favorite part of the box. If you buy these, they come in a 4.5 ounce box, so somewhere around 6 chews – on it’s $13 ($2.17 each), on Pawalla’s website it’s $8, so about $1.33 per chew.

I think the crazed look in her eye shows how much Catherine loves the Etta Says! Duck Chew.
I think the crazed look in her eye shows how much Catherine loves the Etta Says! Duck Chew.

So, let’s break it down. The monthly subscription cost for a Pawalla Mini box is $20. The total value of the items in this particular box is $22.53. As far as value is concerned, the monthly subscription cost is worth the items you actually get in the box. But, I think the real value is in the discovery of new items. You can actually try new products, hand selected by a pet nutritionist, and find out if you like something without the hassle of browsing through thousands of products and blindly choosing something your Yorkie may not like.

Personally, I loved the box and will be getting a subscription for Catherine. If you’d like to get your Yorkie a Pawalla Box, you can sign up online at


Catherine rates the
Pawalla Mini Box
4 paws up

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