Puppy Pad Wizard Review

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Puppy Pad WizardAs I mentioned in my last post, we have a new puppy named Edward. Having a puppy definitely has it’s challenges, but it’s also a great time to try out new products. Case in point, the Puppy Pad Wizard. We’re going to tell you all about this awesome product and let you know what we think.

Let me start by saying that I typically use washable puppy pads. I have three that I rotate throughout the week, having one down while one is being washed and the other is waiting in the closet. With Edward, three pads just isn’t enough. I forgot how quickly puppies can make a huge mess. I go through three pads every day with him, and I’m used to using just one a day. So, I caved and bought some disposable puppy pads.

Now, if you’ve ever used disposable puppy pads, and I’m sure at some point you have, you know that they can be a bit of a nuisance. The worst part about them is throwing them away; you can’t just put them in the kitchen trash because it doesn’t take long before the entire house starts to smell like fermenting cabbage. It isn’t pleasant. I had started putting them in plastic sacks and then putting those into the garbage. It helped the smell a little, but still wasn’t an ideal situation. Just when I had decided that my only recourse was to take out the trash every time I threw away a puppy pad, I heard about an amazing product called the Puppy Pad Wizard.

What is it, you ask? The Puppy Pad Wizard is basically a Diaper Genie for puppy pads. The concept is genius – a container to dispose of your used puppy pads that keeps the smell contained. Add to the genius of the product the fact that the Puppy Pad Wizard is the cutest design ever – a fire hydrant –and this marvel of ingenuity becomes a must-have for any puppy owner.

Puppy Pad WizardI have been using my Puppy Pad Wizard for about a month now and I am absolutely loving it. First, it looks super cute in my house and everyone who comes to visit asks what it is. Second, it is really easy to use – with just a light push on the drawer, it pops open for easy puppy pad disposal. Third, switching out the bags is a breeze, and the bags that come with the Puppy Pad Wizard work really well. Finally, the Puppy Pad Wizard is outfitted with, get this, a built-in deodorizing spray. A little push on the top of the fire hydrant, and deodorizer is sprayed into the bag below.

The whole system is really convenient, simple to use, and solves a problem that every puppy parent has faced. Here’s a little video that shows you how the Puppy Pad Wizard works.

Puppy Pad WizardKatie, the creator of the Puppy Pad Wizard, created this awesome solution after being inspired by her Yorkie. As a fan of Yorkie Splash and Shine and a Yorkie parent herself, Katie is giving YSS fans $15 discount on a Puppy Pad Wizard and free shipping on orders over $49 with the promo code Yorkie15 at www.puppypadwizard.com

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