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Do you have a small dog product you’d like us to try? If your product relates to Yorkies, we’d be happy to try your product and write a review on our blog.

We get a lot of requests for product reviews, and we do our best to review everything we receive in a timely manner. We review all the products we receive honestly and fairly. We do not accept compensation for our reviews. Our goal is to give our readers an honest look at products and introduce them to the best quality products available.

If you’d like to send your product to YSS for review, please send the items to

Yorkie Splash and Shine
27504 Noland Dr
Lebanon, Mo 65536

If you’d like to discuss sending extra items for a giveaway, please email us at We would be happy to add a giveaway to our review.

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Yorkie Splash and Shine has a great community of fans. Here are some stats as of August 27, 2014

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Our fans are pet owners who take great pride in the care they provide their pets. They are looking for information on the best products and services available, as well as new items they may be interested in. Here is a little demographic information about our readers.

90% Women

Age Group:

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90% of our readers are in the United States

Our top 8 cities are, in order: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Miami, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Philadelphia.

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