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We want to hear your Yorkie product reviews! Help others make great product decisions by sharing your experiences with the world.

As a Yorkie owner, you have no doubt tried hundreds of products, from harnesses to treats to toys. After spending loads of money on trying out the good and the bad, you’ve probably found your favorites, and we want to hear about it!

Here at Yorkie Splash and Shine, we are all about the BEST for Yorkies. We only sell grooming products, but we have a community of Yorkie owners, ourselves included, who want to cut out the trial and error and skip to the best products in every area of Yorkie ownership.

Have a favorite toy? Know the best nail trimmers? Have a treat that your fur baby can’t live without?¬†Your at-home product testing can help other Yorkie owners all over the world! Even if you’ve tried a product that was truly disappointing, we want to hear your product reviews.

So, how can you help?

Pick the product you want to tell us about. Take some pics of the product, your Yorkie with the product, or a pic or two showing you using the product (we want to see what you are reviewing). Then, write up a little review about the product – where you purchased the product, your experience, whether or not you like it and why or why not, whether you’d recommend the product to others, etc. Then send us an email at with your review and pics along with your name, your Yorkie’s name, and city and state. We will publish your product review on our blog for others to see.

Try to limit your review submissions to products that are easily available to anyone. If a product is only available in your local area, your review won’t be as helpful as a product available in chain stores on online.

Remember, this blog is for honest reviews, so if you work for a pet products company, send us your products to review at:

Yorkie Splash and Shine
27502 Noland Dr
Lebanon, Mo 65536

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