Take Your Dog to Work Day

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Totsie, Coconut Creek, FL


Friday, June 21st is the celebration of the 15th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day®. The purpose of the day is to celebrate the unique bond between humans and their canine companions while promoting pet adoption. There are many ways to participate in this great event. The most common way to participate is to bring your pet to work! If you’d like your employer to participate in this annual event, you can read more at the Take Your Dog To Work Day® website.

If you do participate in this unique event, there are a couple of photo contests you can also enter!

Photo Contest 1: Pet Sitters International, the organization who founded this event in 1999 is sponsoring a photo contest. The grand prize is $500 cash, a $500 donation to the winner’s animal shelter of choice (provided by PSI), and a Pet Lovers Prize Package (Provided by TYDTWDay sponsors). Submissions are accepted from June 1 – July 31. Votes will determine the 5 finalists and PSI will select one winner by August 28th. You can enter your photo on their website at http://www.takeyourdog.com/Gallery/register-photo.php.

Frannie, New York, NY

Photo Contest 2: Bil-Jac, makers of premium dog food and treats is also sponsoring a photo contest for Take Your Dog To Work Day®. The grand prize is a $100 Bil-Jac Prize package. Photos may be submitted between May 21st – 30st. Votes will determine the winner. Share photo via Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter @BilJacDogFood or on our website http://www.bil-jac.com/photouploader.php. After June 1, vote daily for your favorite “Dog at Work” picture on our Pinterest Board at http://pinterest.com/biljac/take-your-dog-to-work-day (available after June 1st, 2013).

If you would like to participate in the 15th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day®, here are a couple of FAQ’s from the Take Your Dog To Work Day® website.

Why should an employer want to participate in TYDTWDay?

TYDTWDay offers businesses a positive, unique opportunity to increase community involvement and establish new community ties by partnering with a local animal shelter, rescue group, humane society and/or professional pet sitter to organize the event.

Participating businesses have reported that the event is easy to plan, enjoyed by employees and garners positive local media attention.

Also, studies have touted the positive impact of dogs in the workplace and participation in TYDTWDay is a fun, low-cost “pet perk” to offer employees at a time when some businesses have been forced to cut jobs and decrease benefits.

Most importantly, TYDTWDay is for a good cause–to promote pet adoption! This fun day of celebrating the great companions dogs make could encourage employees to adopt a new best friend of their own.

What if my employer has concerns about participating in TYDTWDay?

Some first-time participants have concerns about organizing an event that allows dogs in the workplace, but once companies participate and see what fun the day is, they choose to participate year after year!

However, there are some issues that you may have to consider when planning your event including building codes and co-workers’ pet allergies. Learn more about these concerns and possible solutions.

Also consider partnering with a local PSI pet sitter to help with the event. There are many PSI members willing to offer their services on-site. These professionals can help with potty breaks, dog walks and other doggie needs. To find a pet sitter for your TYDTWDay event, use the PSI Pet Sitter Locator.

If, for some reason, your company decides dogs cannot be allowed, you can still celebrate! Many businesses have celebrated the day by hosting pet photo contests, organizing fundraisers at the office for a local shelter and having a local shelter representative or professional pet sitter talk to employees about pet care, pet health or local adoptable pets.

Chewie, Canton, MA



If you will be participating in the 15th annual Take Your Dog To Work Day®, we here at YSS would love to see your photos, too! You can email them to us at info@yorkieshampoo.com, mention us on Twitter @YorkieSplash, or post on our Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/YorkieSplash

*Photos in this post are entries from the Take Your Dog To Work Day® photo contest at http://www.takeyourdog.com/.

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