The Best Brush for Your Yorkie

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If you own a Yorkie, you are no stranger to grooming. Yorkies’ coats need a lot of care, especially if you keep your Yorkie’s hair long. There are a lot of “tools of the trade” that Yorkie owners must have, and the number one tool is the pin brush. So what is the best pin brush? For us, it’s the Madan Pin Brush.

A pin brush is a brush with solid (not fiber) pins attached to a pad. These brushes are used for general grooming of dog coats of medium to long length. Pin brushes part the hair all the way down to the skin and are best used on coats with minimal tangles (not large matts). Pin brushes are used for daily grooming of Yorkshire terriers, typically in conjunction with a dog coat detangling spray.

There are hundreds of options when it comes to pin brushes. I have tried many of them, from top brands to the “cheapies”. Over the years I have learned that all brushes are not created equal when it comes to Yorkie grooming. What I have learned is that a great Yorkie pin brush should NOT have balls on the heads of the pins. Since the balls on the pins can pull the hair out, this is the number one consideration. But, no balls on the pins means that the pins can be sharp and scratchy, so a beveled head of the pins on a pin brush is a must. Just these two criteria eliminate many pin brushes available on the market today, actually, almost all of them.

There are a few brushes designed for long-coated dog breeds, and they are all great brushes, but by far the best, in my opinion, is the Madan Pin Brush.

The Madan brush fits the criteria above: no balls on the pin heads and beveled ends on the pins. What makes the Madan brush superior is the way the brush glides through the hair. The Madan brush easily glides through tangles, not pulling the hair or scratching the skin, and leaves the hair looking spectacular! The first time I used a Madan brush, I was astonished at the way the hair looked. Is it weird to be excited about a brush? Prior to the Madan brush, I had been using another “top brand” pin brush, and while the brush did an amazing job on tangles, after using the brush I would need to finish the hair with a boar bristle brush to smooth the hair down. Using the Madan pin brush, I could completely eliminate the extra step of using the boar bristle brush. And, as any Yorkie owner knows, the shorter the grooming time, the better.

From one Yorkie owner to another, if you are struggling to find that one great brush that will make grooming time shorter and more enjoyable for you and your Yorkie while producing excellent results, I cannot recommend the Madan pin brush highly enough. Here at YSS it is the only brush we use.

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