The Haircut Conundrum

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Catherine's new haircut
Catherine’s new “do”.

If you are a Yorkie owner (which is probably why you are reading this), you’ve gone through what I am about to describe – the torturous decision whether or not to cut your fur-baby’s hair, and how it should be done. Now, I cut my fur-butt’s hair myself, so I don’t have the added decision of where to take her to get it cut (and that’s a big one). I’ve just never trusted anyone with my Yorkies, after some bad experiences, so I learned to do all the grooming myself. But I digress.

My little Catherine is coming up on 5 years old and I have waffled for years on how to style her hair. When she was younger, I showed her at many AKC events, bringing home quite a few ribbons. In the show world, of course, only the most minor hair trims are made – around the feet and ears with occasional trims of the saddle, just to make the bottom even. So, for a couple of years I let her hair grow to the point of needing to be wrapped (if you don’t know about wrapping, that’s a discussion for another time). But, as she got older and didn’t grow much past 4 pounds, it was obvious she wouldn’t be continuing her showing career as she was smaller than the acceptable size for breeding and therefore showing. Here are some pics of Catherine with longish hair.


So, this past year I had been letting her hair grow out and it looked good and was managed easily with our Yorkie Splash and Shine grooming products, but I (for whatever reason) felt like it was time for a change. So, I got out the trimmer and commenced to cutting her hair. Mind you, it was not an easy decision. I mean, I hadn’t cut her hair in over a year and I thought I was committed to growing it out. But, I’m the type of person who likes for things to change from time to time and I just had it in me that things needed to change. I looked back at our Yorkie Hair Cut Pictures and decided on the Schnauzer type cut – it’s cute and really easy to manage. It makes life a little bit easier.

I guess the decision to cut your Yorkie’s hair is about the same as cutting your own hair – you rationalize that you’ve been letting it grow out for so long that cutting it would mean wasting all those months (or years) of growing – even though all you do with your long locks is put them in a ponytail. It was the same internal battle with cutting Catherine’s hair. I didn’t want to waste all that time I’d spent on growing her hair out. But, for me at least, there was no real purpose for growing the hair out, and it’s okay to make a change from time to time.

Am I the only one who has this issue? Please discuss your haircut conundrum.

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