top 10 yorkie foods

Top 10 Yorkie Foods

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top 10 yorkie foodsThis is a post I have been stewing over for quite some time. I have tried a number of dry dog foods and reviewed a lot of them. I have wanted to do a list of my top 10 companies, but I always feel like I haven’t tried every Yorkie food out there, so how can I write a comprehensive top 10? Today I realized, if I wait until I try every single food available on the market, I’ll never write a top 10, because there are new foods all the time and there are a lot of small companies I have never heard of. So, I’m taking the plunge and writing my all time favorite top 10.

A number of factors went into deciding the top 10 yorkie food companies. The factors included cost, nutrition, ingredients, taste (whether or not Catherine would eat it), size of the kibble, past recalls, and the company itself. There are a lot of great foods out there. These are our favorite companies when it comes to daily feeding.

This is my top 10 list of dog food companies for Yorkies.

#10 Three Dog Bakery

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We like the oven baked foods from Three Dog Bakery. We like that it is baked, Catherine likes it, it’s wheat and corn free with no artificial anything, and we like that the company is privately owned. We also like that Three Dog Bakery is a trusted company with no recalls on their foods.

#9 Earthborn

Earthborn is another great company that cares about pets and the environment. Their foods are great tasting and packed with good nutrition. The company makes their food in their own plant and has never been part of a recall.

#8 Merrick

Merrick makes some awesome foods, and they make it at their own plant in Texas. None of their kibble has ever been recalled.

#7 Fromm

Fromm Family Foods has been around for 5 generations, since 1904, and the company is still owned by the same family. The Fromm Laboratories and Dr. Robert Green developed the distemper vaccine in 1939. This company has a long history of working with animals and developing the best nutrition possible. They’ve never had any recalls.

#6 Acana

Acana is owned by Champion Pet Foods and is manufactured in their own facilities in Alberta, Canada. They’ve never had any recalls on their food. They do not buy bulk ingredients from overseas. They get local, sustainable ingredients, with better quality control.

#5 Royal Canin

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Royal Canin is a big company. They make foods at 12 different plants all over the world. They sponsor many dog events and are active in animal welfare activities. They publish dog encyclopedias and really study dogs and their nutrition. The company’s head office is in France and was established by the French veterinary surgeon Jean Cathary in 1967. The company was bought by Mars, Incorporated in 2001. They make breed specific foods, and have a Yorkshire terrier puppy and adult formula. I have literally never met a Yorkie who wouldn’t eat the Royal Canin Yorkshire food. 

#4 Petbrosia

Petbrosia is a new company, established in 2012. They make their foods at their own facility in the Midwest. They are based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Petbrosia uses high quality ingredients and nutritionists to custom make formulas for every pet. They’ve found a way to make food specific to your Yorkie’s needs and to get the food to you soon after it’s produced.

#3 Canidae

Canidae makes some great foods that taste great. Catherine has never turned her nose up at a bowl of Canidae. Canidae is family owned, and one of the last, family owned, truly independent food companies left in the U.S.

#2 Honest Kitchen

Honest-Kitchen-LogoThe Honest Kitchen makes superior foods, using the highest quality ingredients – human grade ingredients, produced in a human food facility. The company is family owned. Their website also lists where all their ingredients come from, including that their beef is from the Midwest U.S. and is hormone and antibiotic free. They’ve never had any recalls and the company is just amazing.

#1 ZiwiPeak

Ziwipeak is our number one Yorkie food company. The ZiwiPeak food is air-dried and made from 100% natural, fresh, raw meat sourced in New Zealand from farms that don’t use antibiotics, growth promotants or hormones. ZiwiPeak is a priavetly owned company in New Zealand with their own facilities. Their foods are minimum ingredient and great for dogs with sensitivities. They are packed with nutrition and protein. The food is so great tasting, you can use it as treats – it’s that good. The food is fantastic and company is amazing. The folks at ZiwiPeak have a real passion for pets, and it shows.

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