Yorkie Chases Bear From His Home

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Joe, the Yorkie

Most yorkie owners know that, often, these little fur balls think they are the size of Great Danes; case in point, here’s the story of Joe.

A 6-pound Yorkie has saved his owner from what could have been a very bad situation when a bear entered their home in New Jersey. According to CBS New York, the Yorkie, Joe, actually chased a bear out of his house on Tuesday, July 23, 2013. You can watch the video of the news segment here: Bear Is Unwelcome House Guest For Northern N.J. Woman.

The woman, Deborah Epstein, of Ringwood, New Jersey, was at home recovering from a car accident. She had been relaxing on her porch when the phone rang so she went in to answer the call, forgetting to shut her front door behind her. While on the phone, she heard Joe barking.

“He barks when anybody comes, but this one sounded a little more furious than usual,” Epstein told CBS.

When she looked in Joe’s direction, she saw that Joe was barking at a 100-pound bear that had entered their home through the open front door.

“Basically, the bear was heading for [Joe’s] food dish bowl, and you don’t touch Joe’s food dish bowl,” Epstein explained.

Joe’s barking caused the bear to head back toward the door, and Joe continued to bark at the bear until it left the home. Suburban Trends reports that her home and precious Yorkie were unharmed by the incident.

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