Yorkie Water Safety

Yorkie Water Safety

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Yorkie Water SafetySummer means outdoor activities with your Yorkie. Today we are discussing water safety, and we have an Outward Hound Life Vest to give away.



Who doesn’t love a relaxing day floating on the river or a fun-filled trip to the lake? Summer is the best time to get outdoors and enjoy everything that nature has to offer. Yorkie Lake Swim

Our family enjoys camping together. A couple of years ago we took a camping trip down by the lake and we brought Catherine along. She was timid at first, but over a few days, grew to love the water. She was a total mess, but she had loads of fun. She loved to jump in for a little swim, then promptly get out of the water and roll in as much dirt as she could.

Our first trip to the lake with Catherine taught me a few things about water safety with your Yorkie and I want to share those and a few other with you.

1. Vaccinate – before allowing your Yorkie into a natural body of water or a public area, make sure he has been vaccinated against Giardia.

2. Take it slow – if it’s your Yorkie’s first time in water, start small and take it slow. Allow your Yorkie to get a feel for the water. Try a shallow area first, like a kiddie pool or a beach area where he can slowly walk in to the water. 601307_10151640841644267_912886125_n

3. Bring your own water – You wouldn’t drink water from a swimming pool or lake, so don’t let your Yorkie. Bring your own fresh drinking water. Even river water can be contaminated with pesticides, fertilizer, and other run-off.

4. Never swim alone – Don’t let your dog swim without you. If you have a pool, keep it covered when not in use and keep your pooch out of it when you aren’t around.

5. Use a dog life vest – Dogs can drown too. They can get fatigued quickly while playing. In the ocean, they can be pulled by tides. A life vest can be as much of a life saver for a Yorkie as it can be for a human.

6. Watch for signs of heat stroke – Water cools the body, but with extra playing, especially on a hot day, your Yorkie can get overheated. Read our Yorkie Summer Safety Tips for more info. 534887_10151550096054267_378492695_n

7. Have a way out of the water – If you’re in a pool, make sure your dog knows where the stairs are and they can get themselves out of the water.

8. Have a plan – If something were to happen, have a plan in place. Know canine CPR in addition to human CPR, have a first aid kit on hand, and know the location of the nearest emergency vet.

9. Keep it clean – after a swim, rinse or bathe your Yorkie. Make sure the ears are clean and dry, too – water in the ears can lead to an infection. Pool chemicals can dry the skin so they need to be washed off. Rivers and lakes have lots of fun stuff growing in them, so that needs to be washed off, too. Salt water from the ocean can be irritating, so can the sand from the beach. After a swim, your Yorkie needs a bath. 20140516_124714

The great folks at The Kyjen Company sent us an Outward Hound Life Vest for Catherine to try out and one for us to give to one of our readers!

We haven’t been to the river yet this year, but we decided to try out the vest in our little wading pool. I think we’re ready for a trip to the Niangua River this weekend! I’ll post some pictures after we go.



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