You Name it Contest

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limitededitionholidayWe are having a contest so that you, our fans, can name our holiday detangling spray! Place an order with YSS to get your sniffable sample, then visit to make your entry!

For the past few years, we here at YSS have offered Limited Edition detangling sprays. Every few months we issue a limited edition batch of detangler – the same formula as our regular detangler, but with a seasonal scent. Around February, it’s our “Sweet Love” detangler that smells like chocolate and raspberries. In the summer, its our “Beach Bum,” that smells like a fresh piña coloda on the beach. For the fall, we have our Limited Edition Fall detangler, that smells of pumpkin spice and cream. Our winter fragrance is currently called “Limited Edition Holiday” and it smells of vanilla bean and gingerbread.

Get your sniffable sample with your order now through November 8th, 2013

Our holiday detangler is in desperate need of a new name (we’ll deal with the fall fragrance next year). We need you to name it! From October 9th – November 8th, 2013 (or until we run out), we will be sending a sniffable sample of our holiday detangler with every order. When you get yours, take a sniff and come up with a great name for this limited edition spray. Then go to our contest page to give us your entry. Our contest page is located at

After November 8th, we will select a winner (sorry, no voting period on this one – we need to choose a winner fast so we can get the detangler out in time for the holidays). The winner will get a free bottle of our “To Be Named” limited edition holiday detangling spray and will have their name plastered on our facebook page, blog, and website. The winning entry and the entrant’s name will be used every year when we have this limited edition detangler available. We may even have time to add the winners name to the product labels!

So, place your order on our website now and get your sniffable sample! We will send samples out with every order until November 8th, so stock up on YSS products and get ready to win! Start shopping at Yorkie Splash and Shine grooming products for Yorkshire terriers.


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