YSS will be on vacation

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Customer service will be unavailable from May 3 – May 11. Read on to see how our vacation will affect your shopping experience.

Part of the YSS family will be on vacation May 3 – May 11. There will be no responses to general emails or phone calls during this time. However, orders will still be fulfilled and emails and voice-mails will be monitored for order-specific issues (such as shipping info being incorrect, etc). All immediate issues will be handled, but general questions and some more technical ordering questions or issues will not be able to be handled during this time period.

Any embroidery orders, including Yorkie hand towels, personalized towels, and gift sets may be delayed. We have pre-made some non-personalized items but when they are used to fulfill orders, any subsequent orders will be delayed until May 11th. No custom embroidery will be made until after we return.

We hope everything goes smoothly while we are away. Last time I took a vacation (2 years ago), I was checking messages and returning phone calls whenever possible. This time, we are going to be on a ship, so I will have no contact with anyone on shore and no access to emails. John will be home processing orders and will be checking emails daily for any order-specific issues.

Laquita, Ellie, and Sarah on vacation in 2011.

You will still see new posts on Facebook. Thanks to the magic of Facebook, we can schedule posts to appear in the future! How awesome is that? Be sure to visit our page and “like” us at facebook.com/YorkieSplash

UPDATE May 24th, 2013: We are back from our trip, and let me tell you, it took me more than a week to recover from our vacation, lol. We took a Disney Cruise with the girls and had a wonderful time. We highly recommend Disney Cruise Line to anyone thinking about a cruise. We had a lot of fun and some great memories, and no major catastrophes on the trip. I did twist my ankle while getting off the ship, right before entering customs, and it’s still swollen. So, I guess I’m still recovering from our vacation. Here’s a couple of photos of us on Pirate Night aboard the Disney Magic, where we met all kinds of pirate characters. 🙂

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