About Us

Yorkie Splash & Shine (YSS) was created out of a need for a shampoo to fit the specific needs of Yorkshire terriers. After trying numerous products, we decided that there just wasn’t anything on the market that worked well for every type of Yorkie – sensitive skin, coarse hair, cottony coats, silky coats, dry coats, or oily coats. We finally decided that keeping 5 different kinds of products around was just not manageable. So, we endeavored to make our own! After a lot of research, consulting with experts, and some trial and error on scent, we came up with a “formula” that did exactly what we wanted it to – make every type of Yorkie coat look and feel amazing, and smell great, too.

After using our shampoo on our own Yorkies, friends began asking how they could get their hands on some of our shampoo. So, we bottled a little. Pretty soon, word of mouth created a buzz that has continued to grow.

As we have continued to grow, we decided to share our knowledge of the Yorkshire terrier breed with our fans. The YSS family has over 40 years experience with Yorkies, and we want to share all we have learned over the years with you. We post about everything on our Yorkie blog, from selecting the right breeder to grooming techniques and behavior issues.

Sarah and Catherine
The force behind YSS is Sarah. She has spent the last 15 years dedicated to all things Yorkie. She writes the blog posts, makes the shampoo and conditioner, prints and packages the orders, and responds to your messages.