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Getting Rid of Tear Stains

One question we are asked all the time is, “How do I get rid of tear stains?” It’s one of the most common Yorkie grooming questions.

They’ve been called tear stains, eye gunk, eye boogers, eye crud, eye crusties, eye discharge, and others. Whatever you call it, let’s face it, it’s gross. Tear stains are something that, at one point or another, every Yorkie owner will contend with. So, how do you deal with tear stains?

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So, what causes tear stains? Generally, the answer is a minor infection, either bacteria or yeast. Sometimes tear stains are caused by an allergy. Occasionally, tear stains are caused by eye irritation. How do you know which is causing your Yorkie’s eye crud? The only real way to tell is with trial and error to see which remedies work for you. So, let’s take a look at steps you can take to eliminate unsightly eye crusties.

First, no matter the reason behind the tear stains, always keep your Yorkie’s eyes clean! You can use Hypo-Allergenic Grooming Wipes or Eye Envy Dog Tear Stain Remover in combination with a good fine-toothed facial comb to keep the hair under the eye area clear. Besides keeping the area clean, there are other steps you can take to eliminate tear stains.

If the tear stains are caused by bacterial growth, Angels’ Eyes is a product that you add to your Yorkie’s food that eliminates the tear stains from the inside out. Unlike other products that are topical, Angel’s Eyes works from the inside to alleviate the issue. The product contains a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to reduce bacterial growth.

I’ve also used a discovered a product called Miracle Eyes. It is another supplement that works from the inside out. Miracle Eyes contains probiotics and helps to prevent and reduce harmful bacteria. If your yorkie’s tear stains are caused by bacteria, Miracle Eyes could be your miracle cure.

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If the tear stains are caused by an allergy, the first step is to eliminate food allergens, most notably wheat. Feed a high-quality food that does not contain any wheat. Also consider what may be in the water you are giving your Yorkie. There can be minerals, chemicals, and other impurities in tap water, so consider giving your Yorkie filtered or distilled water. Other allergens may come from grooming products. Use high-quality grooming products like Yorkie Splash shampoo and Yorkie Shine conditioner that contain no allergens or chemicals.

Finally, irritation can also cause tear stains. Make sure that the hair around your Yorkie’s eyes is properly trimmed. Many times, little hairs can turn inward and irritate the eye. Check daily to make sure that no hairs are in the eyes or rubbing against the eye ball.

If you pay attention to your Yorkie’s eyes, you can keep them clean and beautiful and make them the envy of every Yorkie in town.

*I am not a veterinarian! Please speak with you vet before taking any measures that may cause harm to your Yorkie. Post updated on February 27, 2022.